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                        Our Dogs

We have only a select few dogs.  They are all loved and cared for daily by our whole family. My children co-own, train and show our cattle dogs.  In fact, several of our dogs are actively being shown, trained and/or competing in some sort of activity or competition and they all are part of the family activities daily! We enjoy their companionship and chose the breed after extensive research and prayer. Each dog is unique and wonderful! They are a part of our every day lives. They do not all live in the house all the time but when they are not, they have a large temperature controlled kennel & They are turned out into a big fenced yard to play and work the livestock too. They play in the yard with the kids and enjoy games of chase, fetch and tag or just lounge on the porch in the shade! Our main concern when we plan a litter is to produce quality healthy cattle dogs better then themselves. They have to be well rounded mentally and we strive for correct conformation and ability.

Our Australian Cattle Dogs







We do not condone irresponsible care and/or breeding of any pet in any way.

Dogs need adequate care, companionship, attention, socialization, exersize and above all.....LOVE!

If you have no intention of providing the above for your pet, don't bother inquiring about one of ours!!!!!!!

We have a big family with lots of love and attention to go around! We are home all day, every day with our pets! These are the only reasons I feel like we can adequately give attention to the dogs we have.

 We have references from our veterinarian as well as several families who have adopted our babies in years past.

Just ask and we would be happy to supply you with them!

Below are several helpful links about the breeds of dogs we raise!

~We are proud members and Code of Ethics Breeders of the Australian Cattle Dog Club of America~






Cattle Dog Breed Info


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