4 Legged Farm

Home of everything on 4 legs.... and a few with less!

                            Past Puppy Pics

This is an album of pictures of puppies born here and have gone on to new and happy homes over the years!


Baxter & Ranger in Branson (Belle's Babies)

This is Christina D.'s boy Romeo (Chloe's Brother) in Wesley Chapel, Florida

Working sheep already at 3 mos. old!

March 09'

This is Ruby. She lives in Iowa with the Bakers (Chloe's first litter)




                                                      Charolette in her new home in Pensylvania Thanks Marcos!



 Little Dallas in Seattle with Dave and Katie for a Birthday Surprise! (Bonnie & Blue's Girl)




                                                     Daisy is in AZ. with Amy and Jake.                                 Deisel is in Iowa working cattle with Jaime

Here is Cowpunch in Missouri! (He is Chloe's full brother)


                                                  Our first litter from Molly The most beautiful babies!                Roxy is in Rhode Island BURRRRRRR!

This is Doug! He lives in Illinois with his pet Steve! LOL!


                                    This gorgeous speckle male lives as a truck driving dog!                This speckled girl is in Florida  Thanks CJ!

(Both Belle's Babies)


This is Annie, She is living here locally and is one of Molly's babies. she is 6 mos. old here. Picture does not do her Justice! She has a great head, broad chest and is very nice size, just a good looking dog! Thanks Terry for bringing her over!


These pictures above are of Daisy in Indiana. She is 14 weeks old here and loves her new home and her friends. Thank you Erik for sending me the update pics of your little doll!

Daisy at 8 Mos.



This is Lucy!(above) She is the Swenson's second puppy from us. Here she is getting aquainted with Daisy & the family! 


Our furthest away from home puppy award goes to Azul in British Columbia, Canada (below) to Mike and Darlene Lecky She is pictured here with her new buds in Canada Donkey and Osso.

 Sissy Nicole Peeples (beolw) in Houston on her First Day Home! (Chloe's sister)

Bandit (below)  in CA with the Tibery Family. ~Chigger & Clyde pup~


 Below is Maggie, Chloe & Clyde's pup from 12-2010 litter