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Cheyenne decided that she wanted to add to her busy day and tended 4 hives this past summer. One local/Russian Nuc (from her mentor & friend), one Italian nuc(from the Jefferson County Beekeepers club), and one each Italian & Russian package from Kelley's in KY.

She really worked at preparing for them and caring for them all season!

Look at all of the preperation she put forth for her honeybees!

Cheyenne just painted the bottom boards to the hives. They are screened bottom boards for better ventilation.

Chey installs all of the sheets of foundation into the frames and puts the frames into the box.

The hives are ready for the bees to arrive!

Dad and Cheyenne inspect the queen cage. She looks good and all of her attendants are alive and doing well.

Cheyenne carefully installs the queen cage onto the frame of drawn comb!


We can almost smell the honey!

Cheyenne and her Mentor Bruce, examining the hive for the first time on the following Monday 3/30/09.

There's her queen out of the cage and getting ready to start laying eggs!

Here are the bees settling in to their home!

A frame of bees already storing sugar syrup!

Look at them out foraging!

Beekeepers or Martians from outer space?????


Cheyenne and her first frames of surplus honey!

Here is what happened when we forgot to space the frames.


This allowed Chey to get her first batch of HONEY!!!!!


Cheyenne only got one box of surplus honey this season. The weather sure did not cooperate! But next year will be much better! She combined 2 of her 4 hives that were not as strong as she would like, and they will over-winter together. She hopes that they will all come through the winter strong and healthy! She plans to split all of the hives in the spring to give her 6 hives next April!


All 3 hives overwintered well and Cheyenne split all of them to create 6 hives. We are in the middle of June and have 2 supers of honey being filled on each of the original hives!


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