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                  Australian Cattle Dogs

 Australian Cattle Dogs are extremely intelligent, atheletic and agile with a great sense of devotion, respect, drive and willingness to work. They are fantastic family pets and very easy to train. But, i ask anyone who is considering a cattle dog as a pet, to do their homeowork and research the breed completely.

Every pet owner should be fully aware of all of the breed charecteristics of whatever breed they are looking to own.

These are our family pets, raised in a loving family environment with all of our children and other pets and livestock. We breed only to improve upon the cattle dog breed and offer puppies for adoption occasionally.  Our puppies go directly from our home to yours! Our dogs get love and attention every day! We show them in AKC events and train them ourselves. These dogs are family and our pups go to family homes.

All of our puppies are adopted with a full health guarantee and we offer life-time breeder support! Please read the puppy contract for all details! When a puppy is adopted, a signed copy of the puppy contract must be received prior to or at the time of pick-up/delivery .



*We do ship puppies via American and Delta Airlines. The shipping cost in the lower 48 states is $300.00 if the pup is shipped between 8 and 10 weeks of age. Shipping cost includes a new pet carrier for transport, a health certificate by our licensed veterinarian, airfare to the closest possible airport to you, and trip to our airport to drop off your pup. He/She will have shredded newspaper litter and  will have food and water for the trip. We will send all documents to you via envalope attached to you puppies kennel. *Shipping is safe and comfortable and all of our puppies have had good experiences flying to their forever homes!

For further information about cattle dogs, please visit our links below. (We encourage you to research this breed before choosing one of these great dogs for your home!)

American Kennel Club

Breed Standards

Breed History

 Stock dog/Herding

Training tips 


(Romeo, Chloe's Brother in FL. Flyball Tournament.2010)

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 Click on the names of our dogs below to see pictures and pedigree information.

~The Blokes~

~The Sheilas~

CH 4 Legged Cattle Hand Chloe (Chloe)

Summerlands Spirit of The Lakota (Grace)

CH Straightarrow Sweet Southern Comfort (Esme) 

Tagalong's Lucky Charm (Trinity)

~The Joeys~

These are our puppy Show hopefuls.


4 Legged When She Loved Me (Jesse)

4 Legged Daddy's Girl (Angel)

4 Legged Lethal Weapon (Riggs)

Desperado's It Ain't Rocket Science (Rocket)

4 Legged Takes Two To Tango (Tango)










                         CH Straightarrow Sweet Southern Comfort


~PRCD B/Carrier~

 ~PLL: Clear~

~BAER: Normal~

~Hips: OFA-Good~

~Elbows: OFA-Normal~

~CERF: Normal~

Dob:August 23, 2008

Sire: Aus/US CH Turrella Blue Sky
Dam: CH Timber Sweet Georgia Brown


Shown above with breeder Sherri Swanton of Straightarrow ACD's

Thank you very much Sherri for such a beautiful girl.

                                                  Summerlands Spirit Of TheLakota


~ PRCD B/Carrier~

~PLL: Clear~ 

~HIPS: Excellent~

~Elbows: Normal~

~CERF: Clear ~


~CHIC# 74830~

DOB: June 11, 2009

Sire: CH Kombinalong Supernitrous

Dam: Reddenblu's Sweetgrass N' Sage







                              CH 4 Legged Cattle Hand Chloe

~PRCD B/Carrier~ 





Dob: November 21, 2008

Sire: D & L's Blue Bandit
Dam: Abby's Bootscootin Molly





May 5th. 2012

3 Pt. Major

July 4, 2013

2 pt.

July 7, 2013

4 pt. major

This is my 4 Legged Farm bred girl Chloe. We are so proud of her. She is a sweetheart! 

Molly (Chloe's dam) was a fantastic dog and gave us some of our nicest pups! I only wish I had a better photo of her to show off just how nice she was. She was moderate boned with a nice head and topline, good substance but still  feminine.She had  good herding instinct also.




                                             Tagalong's Lucky Charm



~PRCD B/ Carrier~

~PLL: Pending~ 

~Hips: OFA Good~

~Elbows: OFA Normal~

~CERF:    ~

~BAER: Normal~

DOB: December 16th, 2011

Sire: BISS CH Imbachs Paddy Willy

Dam: GCH Devon's Diamond In the Ruff








Miss Trinity took reserve to a 5 point major on her first time in the show ring October 6, 2012 in Fayetteville, AR Woo Hoo girl!

May 2013

2 single points