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Purchasing agreement: a $200 non-refundable deposit may be placed with 4 Legged Farm in order to hold a puppy request. If that puppy becomes unavailable due to illness, injury, etc. your deposit will be moved to another puppy of equal value. If the puppy is not paid for and picked up/shipped within a reasonable time (by 12 weeks of age), 4 Legged Farm has the right to keep, sell or give away requested puppy.

4 Legged Farm guarantees, that to the best of knowledge, this puppy/dog is in good health. 4 Legged Farm guarantees that this puppy can be returned, at buyer’s expense, within ONE YEAR of purchase for life threatening congenital hereditary defects ONLY. (Parasites & temporary illness or infections not included) and another puppy of equal value can be chosen and shipped at buyer’s expense. If a puppy is not available at the time, the buyer will be in line for a puppy of equal value. (No cash refunds) A written and signed statement in detail of the defect from the veterinarian, who diagnosed the problem, must precede the replacement of the puppy. If a puppy dies within this timeframe, a full autopsy/necropsy at the buyer's expense must be performed to diagnose the problem. Full results must be sent to 4 Legged Farm. At no time will 4 Legged Farm replace a puppy that has been living in the new home for more than 1 year. This provides plenty of time for any congenital hereditary defects to appear.

The buyer guarantees to take this puppy/dog to the veterinarian within the first five days for a health examination and to advise 4 Legged Farm of any problems. Failure to have the dog examined by your vet in this timely manner will result in voiding any guarantee of said puppy/dog but will not release the buyer from obligations set forth in this agreement.

Under no circumstances shall this puppy/dog be registered with any other pet/ animal registry such as but not limited to CKC, APRI, NSDR etc.

Puppies Purchased with  Pet/Limited Registration: Puppies bought from 4 Legged Farm as pet quality on pet/limited registrations are NOT to be used for breeding under any circumstances. The puppy MUST be spayed/neutered by one year of age with a written and signed report from the operating veterinarian sent to 4 legged Farm at which time registration papers will be released to buyer. NON Life-Threatening Hereditary defect guarantee does not apply to limited registration puppies.

Puppies Purchased with Full Registration for Breeding and/or Show: Any puppy sold with full registration is guaranteed against Non Life-Threatening Hereditary defects such as hip or elbow dysplasia, hearing defect and genetic eye defects until the dog reaches 30 months of age. We require testing for Hip Dysplasia by radiograph through OFA after 2 years of age. (Excellent, Good & Fair are acceptable results). DNA testing for PRCD can be done through OptiGen and is recommended prior to breeding. (Any PRCD results are acceptable. A dog that is PRCD tested "Probably Affected" does not mean the dog has, or will show signs of clinical PRA.)  The dog must be examined by a certified ophthalmologist and have been refused a certificate from the CERF, Canine Eye Registry Foundation to qualify for the guarantee. BAER testing is required to show any hearing defects in the dog/pup. BAER testing and CERF testing must be done by qualified and certified facilities. Contact your veterinarian for details and testing providers.  We require this dog to receive the tests mentioned above before using this dog for breeding purposes. Any defect must be diagnosed and documented by the diagnosing veterinarian, OFA, BAER and/or CERF and all official results need to be sent to 4 Legged Farm. The affected puppy will then be replaced with a puppy of equal value upon the return of the original pup/dog at buyer’s expense. If the buyer wishes to keep the original pup/dog, he/she will be offered a second pup at 1/2 of the original price and the affected pup/dog must be spayed/neutered with a written and signed report from the operating veterinarian sent to 4 legged Farm prior to sale of second pup. If this dog is bred prior to testing completion, all guarantees are null and void!

In connection with all the foregoing, under no circumstances will 4 legged Farm be responsible for any expenses incurred by the buyer including but not limited to veterinary and shipping costs. The foregoing warranties are in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied. Terms of contract apply to all 4 legged Farm puppies/dogs sold from 4 Legged Farm whether implied, expressed or signed.

Kelli (4 Legged Farm) reserves the right to refuse sale of any puppy to anyone she deems unqualified as determined by Kelli herself. This decision is based on the well being of the puppy. None will be placed or RETURNED to neglected or abused homes and if found to be so, Kelli will retain FULL ownership of neglected/abused dog. No exceptions!

Buyer's Responsibility: The buyer agrees to provide this puppy with the best health care possible and to provide for in a humane way and to protect this puppy throughout his/her entire life. If for any reason in the life of this puppy, a need comes that the buyer must find another home for him, 4 legged Farm must be notified and given the first option to take the puppy back at buyers expense. The buyer guarantees that at no time will the puppy/dog be turned over to the pound, humane society, or rescue.

The Buyer will use “4 Legged” as the prefix in the registered name of the puppy if the name has not already been chosen in full by Kelli.

Activity of Your ACD Puppy: ACD puppies are extremely active and can easily injure their legs, muscles, and joints. Please do not let your puppy do any high jumping for Frisbees or agility until they are at least one year of age. I cannot be held responsible for injuries. Any expenses incurred by buyer are NOT the responsibility of 4 Legged Farm and will not be paid by 4 Legged Farm. No guarantee applies to puppies/dogs injuries.

Working Guarantee: Puppies bought from 4 Legged Farm with the intention to be used for herding dogs are sold with a guarantee to work livestock. For this guarantee to be valid the puppy must be raised in an environment that includes stock animals (horses, cows, sheep, ducks, etc.). If by the time this puppy is one year of age and shows no desire to work livestock, then he can be returned (at buyer's expense) and replaced with another puppy of equal value. If a puppy is not available at the time, the buyer will be in line for a puppy of equal value. Puppy must have been exposed to professional trainers, clinics, and/or seminars to validate guarantee. Documentation of herding behaviors must be sent to 4 Legged Farm including those from professional herding trainers, clinics, and seminars prior to replacement. Videos are desired as well.

By signing this contract, the undersigned buyer is stating that they have read this contract completely and do agree with all of its contents. By signing this contract, the undersigned buyer also agree that if they violate or fail to comply with any of the above portions of this agreement they (the buyer) are willing and obligated to pay $5000.00 in damages per occurrence to Kelli Lyons. If any violations are made, they will be filed in, and heard in a court of law in Washington County, Missouri or a court of Kelli Lyons choosing ONLY. 

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